Fitted Sheet 120x200 (Single Size) Burgundy Color by Favorite Brand , exclusively at Ferrucci (1 piece)

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Serial number: 40848

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The importance of the Fitted sheet for your mattress:

It is one of the best and simplest ways to protect your mattress.

A good Fitted sheet protects your mattress from water spills and reduces the amount of dust and dirt.

It keeps body oils and sweat out of the mattress and reduces the build-up of allergens such as mold and dust.

Category : Bed sheets
Product state : Available
Available quantity : 15 Available piece in store.
Colours :

Fitted  sheet (Queen Size) consisting of 1  piece:

Size details:

·           Fitted sheet  150 x 200 + 35 cm (attached to the mattress to keep it).

Washing instructions :

                     ·            Take care of your Fitted  sheet before the first use (soak it overnight in cold water before the first use, it will make it softer and will determine the colors and size ) .

                     ·            Take care of your Fitted  sheet after the first use (avoid detergents that contain bleach or chlorine, as these products may distort the fibers and color of the fabric ) .


Warranty policy :

              Ferrucci customers are entitled to replace or return a product that has a manufacturer defect or damage, provided that the product is packed and in original condition, with a purchase invoice, within 3 days of the customer receiving the product.

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  • Type : Bed sheets
  • Pattern : Burgundy
  • Material : COTTON 100%
  • Size : Fitted Sheet 120x200 (Single)
  • Registered trademark : Favorite
  • Serial number : 40848